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Wednesday, 2018-12-19

Scooter rental

The Top Resort offers scooters for your island-trips for rent.

We provide powerful "Honda Click" scooters with 125 ccm and variomatic.

We surely instruct our guests about some special driving situations, which they may encounter on the island.

Library / Internet access / WIFI

Our reception hosts a free library, where you can borrow and swap books. Alternatively, you may purchase suitable reading material for small change during your stay. We also keep a public PC-terminal free of charge for our guests in the lobby. Additional several WIFI-Spots are spread through the area. These spots can be used by our guests free of charge too.

Laundry Service

You're on holiday and our special features for guests includes all kinds of services. Each guest accommodation offers a basket for your convenience. Here deposited garments will find their way to our laundry and be returned to you clean, ironed and with a fresh scent. Our in-house special offer for guests is a flat rate of just 40 Baht per kilo, items requiring ironing do come with a low flat fee of a mere 5 Baht per piece. We'll add the charges detailed to your room bill; payment upon check-out is requested.


Most beaches offer on-site massage services by male and female attendants.

Your Top Resort has a dedicated pavilion right next to the pool and pool bar, where Thai style and Oil massages are offered. A full one hour course Thai massage would run you just 300 Thai Baht (under 10 US$), a one hour Oil massage sets you back just a mere 350 Baht. Please don't hesitate to contact the reception for your booking. Further treatments and professional nail care for male and female guests are being offered by the Top Beauty Salon (roadside, main building, next to reception).