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Wednesday, 2018-12-19

The biggest island in the Gulf of Thailand is undoubtedly a dream-come-true location for nature lovers and beach enthusiasts. The entire central mountain range is covered with thick tropical rainforest, which is left virtually undisturbed. It accounts for more than 3/4th of the islands land mass. Peaks are reching 600 to 700 meters and the jungle boasts some waterfalls and hiking opportunities, which are spectacular. Equally spectacular are the sunsets on Koh Chang's western coast, which can be observed from countless natural fine sand beaches or our own cliff top terrace. Koh Chang's uniqueness and a perfect blend of undisturbed nature with plenty of amenities for the guests and a great selection of restaurants and Thai style eateries made it a perfect location for lovers of a true tropical environment with style.

Koh Chang is a granite island, approximately 200 million years old. The central mountain range peaks out at 743 meters above sea level at Khao Salak Phet.

The municipalities and villages of Baan Klong Phrao, Baan Klong Son, Baan Salak Khok and Baan Salak Phet have large mangrove forests in their immediate vicinity, which are well preserved. Coral reefs around Koh Chang and neighboring islands draw much attention by recreational scuba divers and the snorkeling crowd. Aquatic wildlife is as mesmerizing here, as is the abundance of mammals, reptiles and insects plus the flora in the National Parks.

In 1992, scientific researchers categorized the domestic fauna on Koh Chang in a large scale field study. Besides 61 different species of birds, Koh Chang is also a home of 29 types of mammals, 42 species of reptiles and amphibious wildlife. The endemic Rana-Koh-Chang is a frog, which only exists on this island, is a true biological rarity. Different Phythons, King Cobras and various monkeys occupy the interior. They hardly venture down to the beaches and developments, but can be found in nearby jungles.

The population of almost 8.000 natives on Koh Chang earns their living predominantly by means of rubber-harvesting, fishery or on their coconut farms and with their shrimp-farming. A few cultivate vegetables and fruits. Tourism started fairly late on Koh Chang, if compared with other resort locations in Thailand. But around the Millennium, there were almost 70.000 vacation hungry visitors on Koh Chang, and this number grows continuously.

Big investments into Koh Chang's infrastructure and significantly added capacity of quality accommodations have led Koh Chang onto travel agendas of discerned lovers of a tropical island paradise.The close proximity to Pattaya and Bangkok has generated an additional number of visitors, which want to escape the heavily congested areas for a relaxing break. More than half of the visitors are Thai citizens with a need for tranquility, relaxation and pampering. Despite having only small stretches of coastline developed, all requested services and facilities are here and well established.

The season on Koh Chang is extended. This is due to the fact that Koh Chang is within easy reach by car from the capital Bangkok and plenty of well set Thais indulge in splendor for a long weekend or just a quick trip.

In the high season, especially during public holidays in the Kingdom of Thailand, and on long weekends, Koh Chang's capacity to accommodate guests may reach limits. The Tsunami during the high season of '04/'05 led to a fluctuation of tourists away from the Indian Ocean into the Gulf of Thailand, with Koh Chang and Koh Samui bearing the brunt of additional room requests, due to their relative safety from such catastrophies in the Gulf. Please book at your earliest convenience to avoid overnight camping on the beaches or in a hammock.

Koh Chang is relative free of petty crime, such as pickpockets or purse snatchers, but we surely recommend to our guests to utilize the room safe for their valuables. The Top Resort provides a built-in safe box to every guest free of charge.