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Timetable from Bangkok to Koh Chang

How to get to Koh Chang

Fähre Koh Chang

The trip to Koh Chang can be accomplished by all kinds of transport, but a final leg of the journey has do be done by a ferryboat (roll-on/roll-off car & passenger ferry).Once you have arrived on the island, there are simple public transports (shared taxi-buses) available by the island-side piers, for the completion your trip to Koh Chang or your final destination.

We recommend choosing the Ao Thammachat ferry, if you arrive by bus or private car from Bangkok. The ride on the ferry lasts just over 30 minutes and ferries depart roughly every 45 minutes. Operation times are restricted to daylight hours, the ferries operate from 7 AM to 7 PM daily. Centerpoint is a less frequent ferry alternative.

When you arrive via Trat city, the Centerpoint pier is a little closer for you. Departures are from 7 AM to 7 PM hourly, transit-times equal approximately 45 minutes. Private taxis from Trat may want to coax you into a possible transport by chartered fisher boat from the Laem Ngob pier. These non-scheduled island transfers are very costly and the touts and taxis, which deliver travelers there, receive a hefty commission for the drop-off. Scheduled ferries operate frequently from Ao Thammachat and the Centerpoint piers. Minivans from Bangkok and Pattaya prefer the Ao Thammachat ferry, the drop-off is right next to the ticketing booth for the ferry. Trat's airport also offers bus shuttles for 500 Baht, which utilize the most frequent and speedy Ao Thammachat ferry. They bring you right to the Top Resort's doorstep. Flights from Bangkok are twice daily (3 daily flight during the high season). Same-day arrivals are even guaranteed on the island if you are choosing the afternoon flights.

from Bangkok to Koh Chang

By airplane

From Bangkok's new airport (BKK) to Trat (TDX), there are direct flights, operated by Bangkok Airways several times daily. The airport is located approx. 20 km (12 miles) inland from the Ao Thammachat pier. Direct minivan shuttles brings guests straight to the Top Resort. They are bookable at the shuttle booth near the baggage claim. Every airline passenger is guaranteed a same-day arrival at his/her holiday destination on the island. A new, amusement park style shuttle vehicle, ferries now Koh Chang bound passengers to every destination on the island for a flat 350 Baht fee.

By own transport vehicle

Renters of a car or bike have several routing options. Trat is connected to Bangkok by a variety of roads. A tollway with Interstate characteristics offers the quickest option for cars. The Bangkok-Chonburi Motorway extends from Bangkok via the new airport to the exit for the Klaeng municipality highway (route # 344). From Klaeng, follow highway # 3 eastbound (Sukhumvit) until you hit the intersection with highway # 3156 a few miles past Klung municipality, well inside Trat province already. Follow the route # 3156 south to the Ao Thammachat or Centerpoint piers. Duration of the trip is estimated to be around 4 hour of driving time. Allow for a little extra time, if traffic is thicker.

Bus travel

Bangkok's new international airport has a transit terminal for inter-provincial buses. The free airport shuttle will transport you there. Scheduled buses to the Ao Thammachat pier or the city of Trat will depart several times daily.

Alternatively, you may opt for the buses leaving Ekkamai Bus Terminal on Sukhumvit Road in Bangkok. The route leads from here via the new airport to Trat or Ao Thammachat. The route leads from here via the new airport to Trat or Ao Thammachat. Transfer times are estimated in the 4 to 6 hour bracket, depending on the traffic along the way. Two daily buses from Mor Chit II Bus Terminal depart at 8:30 AM, or 5:30 PM respectively. Trat City offers private cars for hire or the economical shared taxis to the piers. Blue shared taxis (songtheauws) connect to Centerpoint ferry, white ones to Ao Thammachat.

By Taxi

Ordinary Bangkok taxis run on LPG or NGV, hence their cargo space is very limited. We can arrange your pick-up by private hired car or minivan (recommended for  families or groups with luggage). Cars can accomodate up to 4 passengers. Minivan are typical commuter vans with a seat configuration to suit up to 8 or 9 passengers. Travel time averages 4 to 5 hours from Bangkok. Please keep in mind that the last ferry departs at 7 PM. Passengers of ordinary taxis frequently complain about the limited cargo space. Typically a suitcase fills it completely; larger ones exceed the capacity of a taxi trunk. The reasons for this a trunk mounted auxiliary gas-tanks in the majority of Bangkok's taxi fleet.

from Pattaya to Koh Chang

By Bus

Chantaburi is your first stopover and from here, you can catch a comfortable bus with A/C to Trat City, or the economical non A/C version. How to get from Trat City to the ferry piers see above.

By Minivan

Comfortable minivan shuttles operate daily from the doorstep of your Pattaya hotel directly to the Top Resort. Transfer time should not exceed 4 hours; it is a pleasure for us to arrange this shuttle service for your convenience.

By Taxi

Roadside stalls in Pattaya sell all kinds of transportation. Private taxis or limos to the Top Resort are easy to get. If you rather have a chauffeured service for you arranged by us, please call for details. We are pleased to help you out.

With your own car

Leave Pattaya on the highway towards Rayong City, and then follow Highway # 3 towards Klaeng. Pass Chantaburi and continue towards Trat. The police checkpoint (roadblock) on Highway # 3 is your signal to prepare for a right turn at the next intersection. This road leads to all piers.